One of two walls of "thank you" notes at our offices

What Customers are Saying about Products & Services from AMEREX

We care about what our customers think—and so do you. Two walls in our office are filled with thank-you notes from those we’ve helped, and we’d be honored to have the opportunity to deliver that same level of service to you.

Just want to say a big Thank You! You are just such a special person! We just thought the world of you work. God Bless you and yours.


It was good doing business with you. I heard a good report on the window from the tenant, I was not able to get there myself, so here is the final payment due. I trust you will stand behind the product and workmanship. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your concern about the trim on our house. Our whole family has been very pleased with everything you did to improve our home. Thanks again for all you did for all for us.


Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our windows, door and exterior. We are very happy. Please pass on our thanks and praise to Dan and the rest of the crew. We’re looking forward to all of our improvements being finished. Can’t wait to sit back and enjoy!

-Sincerely, Matt and Deb

The windows are great. Sheri is happy with them as the molding looks good too. The crew, all three, were courteous, friendly, professional and informative.


We wanted to thank you for installing windows in our house recently, We have been extremely happy with your product and turn around time. Your installers, Mike and Will, were the nicest, cleanest and most thorough installers I have ever had in our home. They really go above and beyond the typical service. We are looking forward to our next project with your team. Thanks.

-Jeff and Tricia T.

What a difference the replacement window makes in our living room. We did not realize how much the old glass was clouding our view of the outside. Thanks to you and your employees for doing a quick, fine quality and inexpensive window replacement.

-Bob and Lauren H.

I want to thank you for my window installation this past July. Replacing all our windows and our sliding glass door was the best investment we could have made. Not to mention the tax credit. We had no idea how energy and sound efficient the double pane windows with the argon gas would be. The noise reduction is definitely an added bonus. We were amazed the first time my neighbor mowed his lawn. When we went indoors and closed the door, it was like stepping into a sound proof booth. Hmmm, that means they can’t hear us either? The couple of days of cold windy weather during installation were not a problem as the temps inside remained comfortable at a lower setting. Since replacing all the windows was my idea, the best part about the whole process was having my husband say, “I have to admit, installing the windows was a great idea.” Wow! Please feel free to add our letter to your wall of praise. Thanks a bunch!

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